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I guess that depends on how significant you mean. Boyfriends/girlfriends for me can come and go. My dog is going to be with me for the next 14+ years. That's longer than a majority of marriages in my family, lol. While I do care about people I am involved with if there is a major issue I might be more likely to put care of the dog first. For example if we move, the dog WILL come with us. I will not move someplace with a significant other if the dog cannot come. If it is between paying a bill on time and getting important vet care for my dog, my dog WILL get his vet care. Things like that.

As far as general love/affection/etc...? Don't tell my exes, but my dog was generally a way better cuddler! For now, I have pretty much always valued my time with my dogs over any person. I've had people I cared very deeply about. But I just don't connect well with people and have always felt more comfortable around animals.

I don't know how much that would change if I had a married partner. It would take a very intense amount of comfort and connection for me to want to marry someone, and I just haven't felt that with anyone yet. Maybe if I find someone I care about enough to want to marry, it will be equal?
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