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Puppy seems to get tired very easily

Hi all,

Just found the group, and had a question if i may....

My GSD is 8 months old, so still a puppy i think, and he seems to get tired very quickly.

He goes out three times a day and runs about, but quickly tires and has to rest - following his walk he often sits for ages panting.

He has mild hip dysplasia so we dont over stress him, but he must be exercised to keep his muscle growth up.

At first i thought he might be panting due to pain, but really (and ok, its hard to judge) it does seem like he just 'done in'.

Also, even when he's not tired, he moves around like an old man. Well, ive never had a dog before so true, im guessing here, but he does not really act like a puppy.

Ok, all of this could be down to the hip problem, and that would make sense, but i just dont want to miss something else by blaming it all on his dysplasia.

Thanks for any help

All the best

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