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Default Co-Ownership Question

I have a breeder who is open to a co-ownership possibility.

I also happen to have a 4.5 month old puppy already so the new GR pup would be taken on at 8 weeks when my current GSD pup turns 6 months old.

Could a co-ownership arrangement also allow for the puppy to spend regular time every week with the breeder for care-taking and training? We live in the same city so it would be convenient logistics-wise.

I ask only because I realize the immense work an extra puppy would entail, and I'm wondering if this possibility could be a potential solution: by allowing the new puppy to spend time away from my current GSD puppy (and avoid littermate syndrome); giving me some extra valuable time that I need during the work week; and being with someone who I can synchronize the type of training we intend to engage in with.
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