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Originally Posted by arctic View Post
But I'm still wondering -- after two months of this -- would a 8 month old German Shepherd and a 4 month old Golden Retriever -- be able to calmly walk together and calmly stay in the down position together at a local cafe, while I run errands, while they wait in the car, etc. -- assuming continued daily training go remain so?

Or am I still making them spend too much time together and leading to littermate syndrome and co-dependency?

Carly was about 7 months old when I added Sage at around 9 weeks old. I didn't want two puppies at the same time, but if I wanted a puppy out of my favorite bitch, then I had to jump on it. It was her second, and last, litter.

That said, in spite of my fears, it has worked for me, and probably because they have very distinct and different personalities. However, looking at your schedule, there is no way that the two of them could have ever been quiet under a cafe table as puppies! It has been nonstop wrestling and playing between those two for the last 4 years. Walking the two of them when they were younger, just meant that Sage was constantly dive bombing on Carly. The upside is that they burned off a ton of energy just playing with each other. I didn't ever have to deal with any of the landsharking that is common in GSD puppies, because they were always chewing on each other.

Honestly, I think if you are going to take on another puppy, you are going to have give up some of the freedom you have right now. Having two puppies isn't just double the work, it's ALOT more work. Think "partners in crime'...

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