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New puppy problems

Hey, I am new here. I have tried to scan through many forums to make sure I'm not double posting. My girlfriend and I just got a gsd and I have a few things. One, I think the breeder lied about her age. She seems WAY younger than 8 weeks. She will not leave our sides and wines way more than our other dog. She will not eat or drink without us being right beside her. As far as potty training. This has to be the hardest puppy Ive ever had. She will squat inside then we grab her and rush her outside. She will not pee or poop outside at all. I will walk around with her for 20 minutes at a time and all she will do is fight the leash and lay down. Ive tried to pick her up and place her in the grass near "attractant" that I have bought. I feel bad for her. I know she has to go because she tries in the house. Any help will be appreciated. I am bringing her to the vet monday to make sure it is not an underlying issue.
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