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Ideal Routine when Raising Two Puppies

Can someone who has successfully raised TWO puppies at once provide an ideal schedule?

I have one that will be 6 months old when I have the opportunity to add another one who is 8 weeks old. I realize this will be time-consuming but do have the assistance of a trainer who my current dog goes to train & stay with in the daytime 2-3 days a week.

A possible routine might look like this in my mind:

8-9am Wake up: Take younger puppy out to potty. Take older puppy out to potty.

9-10am Feed Breakfast & Train: Take older puppy out to feed & train (I feed by the kibble for breakfast and she has to earn each kibble by performing obedience or fetch); Take younger puppy out to feed & train.

10am - 11am Crate both dogs while I eat breakfast and shower.

11am - 4pm This is normally when I take my puppy for a long walk, go to a local cafe, and work on my computer for 4-5 hours. I eat my lunch there. I also feed her by the kibble for performing obedience. My dog almost always falls asleep at the cafe under the table for at least several hours.

**I'm assuming walking both dogs, with one at 8 weeks of age, will be very difficult. Any solutions?

**I also sometimes go to the gym and leave my older puppy in the car. She always behaves well and falls asleep while I'm working out. Will leaving TWO puppies in the car be an issue?

**I'm also assuming having TWO dogs at the cafe may mean neither will sleep or behave. This would be a serious problem because I have to work somewhere for at least 4-5 hours in the daytime. Any solutions?

**4-5pm I take another long walk back home. I would presumably have to do this with two dogs. Again, may be a problem.

5pm I would feed both dogs for staying successfully in their crates

5pm - 7pm Dogs are in crate while I have dinner (or take a siesta)

7pm - Midnight: Younger puppy in ExPen. Older puppy is allowed in living room supervised. I take them out for potty breaks as needed.

Midnight: Both sleep in crate

3-4am: Younger puppy will need to be taken out for the first 3-4 weeks.

Having actually written this out, it seems that the bulk of the daytime hours when I'm walking, running errands, sitting in a cafe & working on my computer, going to the gym, etc. is going to be the biggest problem.

Should I hire someone to watch over the younger puppy during the daytime 3-4 days a week until she is older and can walk & stay together with the older puppy and I?

Or is the very act of walking together, staying together, in the day time, likely to cause "littermate syndrome"?

This was long but actually helpful for me to write out as I weigh the feasibility of adding another puppy of my dreams.

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