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Default Is finding a trainer to teach my dog the only chance?

Hello everyone I just signed up today, also does anyone now how to make it when I click a thread I see the original post first instead of the most recent?

Anyways a little background, this is my GSD Xena


older pics

She is 15 months old now and I love her very much. She is my first dog as well, first dog I have ever lived with period and I am in my late 20's. Always had cats growing up in my family and I finally got a place where I could own a dog and felt ready.

Eventually settled on a German Shepherd because I wanted a large breed that was good with cats. I also wanted a inside dog and I read that these dogs aren't the kind you just chain up out back and let run around by itself all day, it needs to be with it's owners is what I read.

I paid a lot of money to get her from an AKC breeder of merit, they have a lot of future police dogs/therapy dogs/ a bunch win dog shows etc. I just told the owners I wanted a dog good with cats, I am not a hunter either btw. They said she had a low drive so I ended up picking her.

The introduction to the cats went pretty smooth, she was scared of both of them for awhile but now she is fine and kind of f***s with them sometimes lol but she isn't rough anymore. I am always worried she is accidentally going to step on them though. Got her potty trained eventually after some mistakes on my part but she hasn't went in the house for a long long time.

Anyways.......I haven't been able to train her all. She doesn't know how to even sit or shake hands. I know I have to try more on my part I watch videos on youtube how to do it but I can't. I am also not motivated enough because she is so well behaved in the house, walking her was terrible until I discovered the harness and replaced the slip collar with that. She did eat all of my remotes though 4 or 5 but again it was my fault. I didn't puppy proof the house very well because she never messed with anything.

I leave her in the house when I go to work for 8 hours and come home and everything is fine she has access to all rooms along with the cats but she never destroys anything after the remotes. So I got complacent with her command training because she was so naturally well behaved.

But she gets too jumpy when people come over and I can't control her it's embarrassing, she is so smart and I bet easily trainable by someone knowledgeable I just need to find them. Also she has a habit of making me chase her is that normal? She is constantly baiting me in to trying to chase and catch her.

I just don't want to waste her potential I know she could easily learn this stuff but what if she is too old now and I"m to blame?
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