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5 month old puppy in heat?

This is my first time owning a puppy bought from a breeder. I adopted animals before but through rescue and all the spay/ neuter was taken care of.

Anyway, I have a 5 month old GSD that is supposed to be spayed in 1.5 week. I've noticed that the hair around her vulva has some brown sticky stuff stuck to it, looks like dry blood. I also found a blood stain on my comforter after she played on my bed with her brother (it could be her period, it could also be her new teeth coming in). I am not sure if she's in heat. I never paid attention to the size of her vulva, so I am not sure if it's swollen, and I've never seen blood actually coming out of her vagina. All I've seen is some brown residue stuck on her hair that I did not see before. Basically, I'm doubting myself T_T

So, I called the vet and they want to reschedule her spaying until next month. They say spaying during heat is more risky and of course more expensive. I am not sure if we should just go ahead and have her spayed in 1.5 week or wait until 1 month later. What do you guys think?

If we'd go with a month later, what do I do with a crazy dog in heat?

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