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Default Dispelling SchH Myths

Within the last week, I have been reminded of how easy it is for people to misunderstand the purpose and intent of SchH/IPO.
Perhaps it is a case of people who do understand, discussing aspects of it while those who do not participate read that exchange..... but clearly, some are simply not comprehending what it was intended to be about.

Lets start with one myth at a time, discuss/explain it clearly and then move on to the next.

Myth #1: SchH/IPO dogs are bred to bite people....all people....completely unprovoked, while they are simply minding their own business. It is believed that they are dangerous to family, friends and children.

Those who believe this are encouraged to participate. I am asking that the people providing the answers offer something to back them up with, i.e. rule book excerpts, photos, video....whatever. I also feel that those that believe the myth should provide their own source for that belief.

Lets keep it real and try not to be sarcastic or emotional.....just the FACTS please.

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