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Staph Infection

So frustrated right now. My old dog was diagnosed with dry eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) and I've been dosing his eyes with 4 ointments twice a day for the past few weeks. Now, his eyes are doing great and he's down to his Optimmune twice a day (for the rest of his life).

Now, my puppy (yes I still call him 'the puppy' .. probably will when he's 8 years old!) was diagnosed with a staph infection. He's on antibiotics for 3 weeks with a daily wash of the infected area with a medicated shampoo from the vet's. It has spread somewhat and he's pretty miserable right now. His appetite has bottomed out and I have to encourage him to eat what he does. He also is favoring one of his hind legs a bit, still uses it but not 100 percent. I'm scheduling x-rays for that.

Any suggestions about anything else I can do to make him comfortable or help his appetite? I've started feeding his food dry so it can be saved for later since his eating is so off. I've been mixing up a bit of canned with his supplements (Solid Gold Seameal, vitamin C, and coconut oil) and warm water to make a stew and he's eating that small amount just fine.

After all my work to get him to enjoy going to the vet's (frequent visits just for weighing and treats) he has decided that the vet is a 'bad thing' He doesn't mind going and he is fine until the vet goes to put him on the table. It started last time he was there for a leg injury. Now, I have to muzzle him and he snarls and growls through the exam. Once he's back down on the ground, he's fine and doesn't aggress toward any of the staff. Not fun. He weighed 88 lbs this visit.

Long story short .. I would appreciate any tips!

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