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Heading for trouble?

D is almost 8 months old, feeling his oats and is becoming more and more predatory towards our old small breed female dog. He will not let his eyes off her and controls her every move and herds her into her crate if I would let him. She is not able to stand up against him so I manage him.
clicker and treats will not distract him from his obsession, so he basically is on the prong in her presence. It doesn't seem to make much of an impact regarding his drive towards her. She is getting more and more afraid of him.
He gets plenty exercise,training and play time. It is almost like he doesn't care about anything but bullying her. He is also starting to display this same behavior towards dogs he played nice with at first. I certainly hope it is not the result of his rabies vaccination two months ago. I went through this misery with another dog several years ago.
It feels like I have used all my training tricks and tools. I need more ideas and help to make this work.
If you dealt with this, how did you solve it?
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