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Exclamation Worms in Bird food!

I am extremely freaked out and worried. A few minutes ago, I opened the plastic bag of bird seed, getting ready to scoop some into her feeder. I then noticed that there were "webs" covering the inside of the bag. There were "cocoons" covered in these webs. I poked at them, trying to figure out what they could be...then I saw a very tiny worm burrowing into the seed!!

I feel awful that I didn't notice this sooner. But it couldn't have been visible for more than a few days.
The worm was smaller than the length of a fingernail, maybe half the length. It appeared to be a pale greenish color. It looks like a maggot.
I'm obviously going to throw this food out, but I'm wondering how the heck they got in there?! What exactly are they? Has anybody else had this happen?
And most importantly, should I contact an avian vet?
Please help!

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