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Potty Training with a Bell Advice Needed

Bell Training Advice: I'm working on training my second GSD to ring the bell when he has to potty. The first GSD took six days to learn the bell means go out to potty. The problem I am having with this new puppy is that he rings the bell, I take him outside on the leash, he urinates for maybe 3-5 seconds, and then I give him a treat and then I bring him back inside. He waits about 10 minutes and then he rings the bell again and I repeat the steps. I can tell that he is urinating JUST ENOUGH to get that treat and then he stops. For the last couple days I've taken him out on average of 50 times. I tried spending more time out there with him but once he urinates to get the treat, he's done and just wants to come back inside. Any advice from anyone that has ever had this issue?
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