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Broken toe but problem with vet.

On Wednesday night my dog came back from her walk with a bleeding pad and her claw sticking up. She wasn't in pain and let me clean up her paw.
Yesterday she started limping on it and it's now sore to touch. I'm worried she's broken it but reluctant to take her to the vet. At the end of last year she had a problem at the vets when we took her with an ear infection. She's reactive and terrified of men and the vet lost patience with her and pinned her by the scruff to the table while shouting at her. She wasn't trying to bite him, the opposite, she was squealing and trying to get away from him.
So, I'm reluctant to take her if it's something I can help her with at home. I've been keeping it clean and the vet gave me some strapping to wrap it up. It's still sore and bleeding a little but she's letting me do the bandage. Over the last few months I've been working with the vet nurses to get her calm and relaxed when going in to the vets. They give her bits of chicken and then we go. The nurses are both female. We've made good progress but haven't got her in to the vet yet.

What should I do? There isn't another vet I can take her to and it's a non weight bearing toe on her back right leg. She's had toilet trips in to the garden only and is fine with that.

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