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do a search on Pano, it is very, very common in the breed. Diet and genetics can play into it. I've had two dogs that went thru bouts of Pano. Both are larger structured(both were raw fed) and the Pano shifted leg to leg on Onyx. Karlo had two shortlived bouts. I increased his vitamin C and I think it helped relieve the inflammation.
I didn't give pain meds to him. Onyx's bouts were more severe, beginning at 6 mos of age and ending when she was about 18 mos. She was on kibble until 6 mos, I decided to put her on raw when she started limping and showing pain with that first bout. I wanted my dogs to self limit their activity. Onyx was on rimadyl when she first got Pano(spay was also at the same time).
Did Ranger have xray done to diagnose it?
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