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How do I teach my dog to use a pool?

It's 106 today. So after my meeting with the good ole professor I decided to try to get the pups to use the pool.

This is probably not the best way to go about it but I brought a ton of treats out, and coaxed Zeeva onto the steps inside the pool. Then I hoisted her off the steps and let her doggie paddle while I propped her up above the water. She naturally would turn toward the steps to get out of the pool which is good, right? We did this several times. Then I let her go and swim a short distance to the steps to get out. This is where she'd panic Then she wouldn't want to go back into the pool. I'm guessing she needs a doggie life jacket but I don't want to purchase one. I've faith that she can learn to enjoy using the pool without it. I can't wait to see her doggie cannon balling into the water.

With Smokey things were disastrous. I basically carried him into the water and at that point he panicked. Then he wouldn't let me near him to try to coax him or carry him in again

I need some suggestions as to how we can make this ordeal a more natural and fun one.

The thing that's freaking me out a bit is that we haven't had a walk in probably a month due to the heat, me being sick or out of town. And Zeeva has already put on 5lbs-7lbs. She's honestly a big fatty mess. I asked my husband the other day who our ugliest pet was and he (without hesitation) said Zeeva. It's funny to joke around about it but I need to get her weight under control somehow. I think swimming might be a good outlet if we can be guided a little.
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