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Nerves and thresholds. Protection training and aggression

First of all, from the other thread, is it true that for a dog to bite he has to have a low threshold and I think that means be a nerve bag?

To me this doesn't sound right. But I don't have experience, all I know is what I read and no one is saying that their ipo dogs are nerve bags.

So which is it?

Also, I gathered from things I read and heard that dogs with bite training are a little more dangerous (bad choice of words but you get the idea).

Leerburg, for example, says somewhere on his website that if your dog has at least a tiny bit of protection training then it's your responsibility to make sure he's not around kids or something like that. Like to say that once the dog is protection trained he needs more management than a dog that hasn't been.

So is this true? I believed that the dogs stay the same, that they only bite when told but now I'm not sure.

Can someone be honest about this? I sometimes get the impression that people don't tell the entire truth about the level of control they have over their dogs. If I'm wrong then I apologize in advance
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