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Default Arya is Six Months Old!!!

As of Yesterday, Arya is six months.

Love this girl so much!!!

Two clarifications, vest is bc she is an SDiT and we are doing mild public access training, the vest helps cut down on "some" of the idiots who would otherwise lose their freakin minds over a puppy sitting quietly at my feet. SMH.

And the other is that she's a mix... Known Aussie and GSD in the mom, unknown Dad. Possibly GSD, could be Dobe (though for some reason that thought is now the reason I don't have a "friend", makes zero sense and good riddance if she makes that big of a deal over musings over an unknown parent of MY dog). But pretty much, unknown. Was an "oops" litter.

Pictures are at 8 weeks and then two days ago.

Arya is Six Months Old!!!-imageuploadedbypg-free1404416689.251186.jpg

Arya is Six Months Old!!!-imageuploadedbypg-free1404416735.388969.jpg

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