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Default Do dogs just know?

We took all the dogs last night out for one last run before bed and we met a man who have the same idea as us, he was running his friendly happy guy and all the dogs ran around with eachother. I sort of sensed the guy was a bit off if that makes sense. Anyways, he called shiggs over to him and she avoided him like the plague..went in a big circle around his hand, shiggs is very friendly 100% of the time. She is not aloof, she greets anyone with a wagging tail....she even waits for adam our neighbour to get out of his car so she can go over and say hello, and hello is her laying on the ground on her back getting many of rubs lol. It just struck me as so freakin weird that she avoided him, could she of sensed something? bc i sorta did. I know she is not becomming aloof either because she was out doing her daily good morning tour with everyone we passed earlier on.
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