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Help!! CANNOT give rescue a bath.

I recently (last week) adopted a 9-10 month old GSD from a local shelter and brought him home. He did awesome for the first few days, seemed to enjoy being inside and out and slept either in his bed in my room or in the laundry room on the cool tile.

About 4 days ago he was outside (we live on a farm, so no yard and he can run free) and he rolled in something dead/disgusting. Needless to say, he smells TERRIBLE. If you pet him, you can smell it on your hands immediately, and he definitely cannot come inside smelling like he does.

So I thought, no big deal, I'll give him a bath. So I grab a towel, shampoo and put him on a leash and walk him to the porch. We have a warm/cold water faucet and hose we use for dog baths on the porch and its super handy. He does just fine until I turn on the water, but as soon as I turned the hose on he FLIPPED OUT. His 85 pounds jerked my 100 pound self across the yard, and proceeded to almost choke himseld, flipping over backwards and doing everything he could to get away.

I thought maybe I just turned on the water too fast and tried to try again. Attempted to walk him back onto the porch and he wouldn't get near it. If I got close he would sit back and start to fight furiously on the leash. Think jumping, flipping, trying to run, literally scared to death.

So, I went to plan B. He has a kiddie pool that he does get in and lay in. I tried to put him in that and use a cup to bathe him. Nope. He wouldn't get in the pool, and when I tried to pick him up and put his front paws in he started to fight again. Wouldn't get near the pool a second time without a fight.

Plan...C... I bought some wet wipes and "dry" bath supplies. It helped, but not nearly enough for whatever the **** he rolled in. Stuff is STRONG.

I thought about bringing him to a groomers but is it unacceptable to make him their problem...?

This dog is scared to death of spraying water. When I fill up the water bowl in the kitchen with the faucet he retreats to the living room, scared. I always noticed but thought he was just generally nervous being in a new place but he really has a genuine fear.

There is no way I can wrestle him into taking a bath. He is big and I'm small... And I don't want to terrify him more.

Any ideas???? Since he has rolled, he has had to stay outside 24/7. We are in Texas so its HOT. I put a fan out for him and he has his pool, but he begs to come in and it sucks when I can't let him.
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