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Originally Posted by Shade View Post
In the end I do what's best for my dog. If that means taking the long way around I'll do it, if it means being polite and smiling while swerving around someone and calling a "sorry, busy training!" behind me, or being an absolute nasty person and telling someone flat out to back off or get their dog away from mine. I'll do whatever it takes to keep both myself and my dogs and other people safe

I agree that most people even dog owners still don't know the concept of the yellow ribbon so a harness with clear written warnings like Athena'sMom suggests may be a good investment along with a basket style muzzle. While a muzzle may make her seem viscous to Joe Public you will hopefully see most people back off when they see it. A comfortable muzzle doesn't inconvenience the dog in any way so it doesn't cause any harm
I wish muzzles did back people off. For some it is a magnet. "He can't bite he has a muzzle"

Muzzles are good for reactive dogs, especially when there is a chance of a bite. Just be aware you have an issue to deal with on this as well.

When Woolf has his muzzle on is when I am an absolute witch about anyone approaching because I already know it is going to be one of those 'don't worry. I am good with dogs'
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