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Unhappy Please HELP We are DESPERATE, Wound will NOT Heal on Puppy *PICTURES*

Hi everyone, thank you for taking time to read this.

We have a 5 1/2 month old GSD named Loki, and about 3-4 weeks ago he came up with a small bump on his back, almost like a pimple, about the size of a pea that was slightly raised. We assumed it was an ant bite or something minor. About 2-3 days later we brought him into the vet to get some of his immunizations and we showed the vet this bump. He told us to use Virbac Pyoben Shampoo when we bath him and just keep a close eye on it.

We did and after 5-6 days, it got progressively worse. So we took him in the next week and he put Loki on an oral antibiotic (Ciprofloxacin) for 2 weeks. He was and still is on it for about 6 days and it still had gotten progressively worse, so we took him back the following week, where the vet seemed alot more concerned. He gave Loki an antibiotic shot, and reassured us that this SHOULD fix it.

Well, its been about 4 days since that antibiotic shot, and its STILL getting worse. The entire wound itself is about as round as a baseball, and within that circle there are several sores that are just open and about 1/16th-1/8th deep. One of the small sores will close up and another will open. If you feel the wound, you can actually grab it, the bottom of the wound is hard, it's hard to describe .

I have been doing a lot of research and I just discovered "Manuka Honey" yesterday, people say it works miracles for wounds, and we started applying that last night and this morning, it is basically our final hope. We haven't told the vet about the Manuka Honey yet, and the last time we were in there was 4 days ago for the antibiotic shot. I've applied the Manuka Honey to the wound, then put a non adhesive dressing over it and then wrap it with an ace bandage.

The vet said if this antibiotic shot doesn't fix it, he will have to put him under and surgically remove the wound.

He is eating, and drinking fine. We feed him Blue Large Breed Puppy food, and he eats 3 cups per day, morning, afternoon, and night. He sleeps from roughly 10pm-6:30am. But he definitely has seemed more "down" with all of this going on, and not as energetic.

Also, once the wound went from a small bump, to an actual open sore, we started applying Iodine swabs, and then Bactroban (Mupirocin) to it (about 2 weeks ago), but that hasn't helped with anything.

Loki will try to lick it, but we pretty much watch him constantly and tell him to "leave it" as soon as we see him try to go for it. Also, we haven't used a cone to prevent him from licking it, the Vet never recommenced it to us.

This is our first dog and my girlfriend and I are extremely stressed, worried, and upset with what he has been going through. If ANYONE can give us some type of input we would greatly appreciate it!

Also, The pictures of his wound are with the Manuka Honey applied to it so that's why it may seem to look wet.

Thanks you all so much!
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