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Smile Information/ help please

Here's the deal. My roommate and I have a German Shepard (mostly) we were given from a couple that could not keep him after a move. The husband had been a firefighter and rescued him DURING a fire (no parents known). The only way you can tell this dog is not purebred is the patch of white on his chest. We have been told from the previous owner that he has some wolf in him. He is 6 years old and in perfect health.

I grew up with German Shepards (as well as other dogs) , and he is the best dog I have ever owned. Great temperament, awesome with kids and other dogs. I could go on and on about how great this dog is, but that would keep you from reading. He is about 95 pounds, and is extremely athletic (I am 6'2 and his back legs get over my head going for a ball)

I know all the answers are on the Internet, but I was just looking for some feedback.

How likely is it that a dogs temperament will be passed on to its offspring? Should I take him to a breeder to evaluate him? How do I go about breeding him as he is not a purebred? I don't have any experience breeding dogs, I just don't want this one's bloodline to die. Any info would be helpful!!!

Thanks - James
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