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Anyone have a Drago daughter?

I'm still researching breeders for my next GSD purchase. It will be a female. I'm hoping to find a GOOD female. Not a top sport. Not worried about scoring points. I want a "real" female. GOOD females are hard to find and I'm trying to narrow it down. There is a lot of information on the males and what they are producing, but I haven't found anything in regards to females. Information isn't out there. Or,I haven't looked in the right place. I heard that Drago produces very nice females. I've heard that Drago produces some very good females. Can anyone confirm this?

I found another kennel I like. Norris K9. Has some good dogs. Then there is Zybnek Divis with Aritar Bastet. Also Mike Williams with Alte Baum kennels. Then Bill Kulla K9 so
1) Norris K9
2) Van Den Heuvel Kennels (Drago located there)
3) Alte Baum Kennels (Mike Williams)
4 Aritar Bastet (Zbynek Divis, different country)
5) forum member I'm in contact with about future litters.

I'm sure any of these kennels would suit me. Not easy picking a female puppy and hoping she turns out to be a GOOD female, solid nerves, workability, hard grips/bites. Etc etc. Work the sleeve, bite suit, hidden sleeve, muzzle work. If she turns out to be a great female, I wouldn't mind maybe having 1-2 litters from her...That's thinking way ahead though....

Anyways, opinions on the these kennels.
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