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Nature's Variety vs. Raw

Kaiju has been on raw for four months now, except for one small incident a little while ago. We moved into our new apartment and the freezer went out. No raw. I panicked a bit, and wasn't really sure what to get. The only freeze-dried available in my area was super expensive and out of the question after all the money spent during the move.

So I picked up the grain free Nature's Variety. I wasn't even able to find canned pumpkin of all things until two days after he had started eating the food. But I noticed he had no stomach upsets while eating it. He had no itches, which was a godsend as he had always had them before, even on Orijen and gets them sometimes on raw if he eats something that doesn't agree with him. I also notice that his stool looks better on Nature's Variety than it does on raw. Smaller, dark, and firm.

He was on the Nature's Variety for one week until the freezer was foxed and now he is back on raw.

He does well on raw, but it seems he also does well on the Nature's Variety with what seems like a couple added bonuses (no itchies, smaller stool) so I'm at a weird crossroads. I love raw. And I feel like it's a really good diet. But as good a diet as it is, if he does better on something that is not raw, should I put more weight into what seems to do better for him as an individual? I feel like I tell clients all the time to find the food that works best for their dog. But I never expected that my dog might do better on a food other than raw.

Thoughts? I'm sort of confused as to what direction I should take his diet with this new information...
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