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A bit confused on how my pup is looking.

Okay, apologies in advance, I'm new here and not quite sure how to use the site.

With that said, I'm a bit confused on how my German shepherd is appearing as be grows. For instance, he is ~6 months old, yet all of the other 6 month old GSDs that I've seen look much bigger.

He has a shorter coat, and white markings which lead some to believe he's mixed. When I picked him up however I was introduced to the parents, where the father was a huge beautiful saddleback and the mother was a bit smaller blanket back.

My pup is very thin in structure, with a smaller head than many other GSDs I've seen. Am I being paranoid here or is he looking like he might not be full? I thought he may just be younger than I was told, but his adult teeth are already in.

Here's him!
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