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Barking at family

My 17 month old German Shepherd has started barking at family members on occasions recently.
Some background. At ten months old a man in the park grabbed him around the chest while I was throwing his ball. The man called him over and at the time Axel was extremely friendly and loved meeting new people. When he went over the man rubbed him asked me a few questions about him and then grabbed him with his legs over Axel's back and arms around his chest.

After that Axel had begun Staring intensely at strangers and he ran at a man during his agility class (Since then he has not been able to attend classes). However, I have put a lot of hard work into turning his behavior around. Through positive reward based training without the use of choke chains or prong collars, which I would never use, he has become much more relaxed. I can now take him to socialization which is on straight after his old agility class.

This brings me to my next problem. Sometimes When other members of my family or I are just sitting down on the couch or at the table Axel stares and then begins to bark at us, not a happy bark. It's like for a few seconds he has forgotten who we are and then 10 seconds later he puts his ears down and walks over for a rub. What should I do? Does anyone know what may be going through his head ?
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