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Newbie here, looking for a breeder in northeastern USA

We would prefer a breeder in New England, but we don't mind going a little further. We're hoping to spend between $500-$1000 since we want a pet as opposed to a dog that needs to be tractable enough to do competitions and clubs. A low to medium drive dog would be best for our lifestyle. We do vastly prefer white and black GSDs, and have a particular affinity for the long-haired variety, but coat length doesn't really matter.

We would rather not rescue because I want a dog that can go hiking and bike riding with me, and we're concerned that rescuing is setting ourselves up for a dog with hip dysplasia and other health problems. If I'm wrong about this, let me know. We prefer rescue animals and have always had mutts, but since purebred GSDs are prone to so many issues, it doesn't seem as safe as rescuing a mixed breed that is not as likely to have health problems.

We did find one breeder that looks promising and their animals have excellent temperaments; I have met several of them and worked alongside one back when I was an animal-assisted therapist at a nursing home. The breeder is Northern White Shepherds in Vermont. Does anyone know anything about this breeder? Thanks!

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