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I understand the feeling. I have been lucky to get a good job out of the military and continued to have a successful career while finishing college and graduate school. While I wouldn't say I am rich, my family is comfortable and we live in a nice house in one of the nicer neighborhoods in town. We try to give back to individuals or individual organizations as much as possible. I have never been as big of a fan donating to large charities and prefer giving to someone or something that we are able to see the direct benefit. It is hard sometimes because my siblings and my wife's siblings are not as "stable" as we are but won't accept any help if we offer it.

When we made the decision to get GSD, I told her I wanted to buy a purebred, from a reputable breeder (My previous GSD's have been either rescue or BYB). She was hesitant spending the money it costs for puppy like that not because we couldn't afford it but because of what other's would think about it. I told her we didn't need to share how much we spent, just that we got a new puppy. There has already been some rumblings in the family, I think, and it really upsets me. I guess there is nothing I can do about it except move forward and keep helping others when I can.

That is awesome that your neighbors accepted that food and were so grateful. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to help someone out and that little deed can go a long way! One of the things I am looking into doing with my dog is search and rescue and possibly use my investment to help others in need! Time will tell, 6 more weeks until we bring the little girl home.
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