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Thinking about poverty.

I'm just kind of troubled by something and can't really discuss it with my meat friends because they would just tell me how nice I

I live in a middle to upper middle class neighborhood. There are some large lakefront homes and further away from the lake are more modest places. Across the street from me is a rental that the same retired guy has lived in for 13 years. Recently he got a roommate with a service dog--another senior guy with a senior dog.

I had a big party on Sunday and actually ended up with too much food. This is garbage day and I went to toss the leftovers and realized that there were a lot--more than my husband and I could eat and aside from the sandwiches that may be a little soggy it was mostly preserved meats and cheeses. It was a fully loaded Costco tray.

So I thought maybe my neighbors would like it but I was worried that it may be rude to foist off 3 day old leftovers. I have given them desserts in the past though and they could always say "No."

So I brought it to them. The first thing the man said was "I just had to put food back!" I didn't get it at first but he explained that he had run out of foodstamps and didn't have money for meat. He was beyond grateful and asked for some bags so he could portion and store the food. When I brought the bags, they were all enjoying the food and the dog was having some roast beef.

It just strikes me that there can be such a disparity in such a small area. Plus I had no idea that their straits were so bad. I see them fishing at the lake a lot but I gather its not just for fun but protein as well.

I'm glad that I gave them the food and I'll try to remember how lucky I am. I spent some time on food stamps and almost homeless in my teens. I don't think most people noticed. I'm going to try to more aware.

It makes me especially happy that the dog got the first piece of roast beef.
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