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Strange behavior? 5 month old female

Hello everyone, long time lurker here. Great site with a lot of good information. My Gsd is a 5 month old female. She is very loving, smart, and mostly just acts like a puppy. She's a bit nippy but nothing I wouldn't expect from a pup. She is taking to the simple commands I have been teaching her well. Just last week she started loosing a lot of baby teeth and I noticed her acting a bit funny when the kids would go near hear when she was resting/sleeping. I know let sleeping dogs lie but her reaction was strange to me. She sprung upright, barked loud once lundged at my son, but did not bite or growl. She then proceeded to lick him and wag her tail. Was she startled? The other thing she did today was while eating a bone she noticed my 3 year old son standing on a chair at the counter and started barking at him like he was an intruder. My wife had to put her in her crate to get her to calm down. My thought is she didn't realize it was him because of his height while standing on a chair. Thoughts? She is a great dog, good with the kids, no food or toy aggression towards people, and gets along with my mini schnauzer. Just not sure if I'm being over cautious or not.
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