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Exclamation one or two g.shepherds?

Hello, my name is Kim. I'd like to ask you something, about this breed, because I want to to buy a dog of these, firstly for protection and secondly as a companion. The house that I'm planning to live is somehow very lonely, and there aren't many neighbors, I'm afraid a little bit to be there alone. So, the question is, is one dog enough to protect me if something goes wrong? Of course I don't want to loose a friend, so is only one safe for him and me? Should I have more dogs? I've had my research, (plus my uncle is a dog trainer) and I know much things about them. Of course I'm willing to spend time in order to train them, and I'm not the kind of person who throws dogs in the street just because "he is bored". An other problem is that I don't know how to train two puppies at the same time, and my uncle is too busy to help me at training. Please give me some advice, I would appreciate it!

P.S. Sorry for poor English, it isn't my native language...
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