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Originally Posted by kiya View Post
She cries/whines then you fuss she's training you.
Walking really doesn't tire a young energetic dog out, try bicycling. Have you done any obedience training with her? Sounds like she's a bossy dog.
I've done some. but it's real hard with my work schedule. Bicycling wont work since Im still working on her staying by my side at all times. She also hates bikes. Due to some F***ing kids where charging my fence with there bikes and teasing her. When I saw what they were doing they no longer did it to my knowledge. She was barking and be protective in the yard but those **** head kids were teasing her. So, even when she's seen me ride my bike in front of the house she becomes aggressive.

She's getting better at staying by my side when we walk. The main things that cause here to lunge forward are trucks with flatbed trailers that make a lot noise and rabbits that she sees and wants to chase it. When she does that i short leash her and use the command "stay with Me" and i don't continue walking until she stops. I've gotten her to stop pulling when walking by using a tip an owner at the dog park who's dog is also his therapy dog where you loop the leash around the stomach right in front of their hind legs to where if they pull it tightens. but the second they stop pulling it loosens up. So they learn pulling can cause discomfort.

I don't have the money nor time to take her to obedience classes since I have about $15-20 left of each paycheck that is disposable money. Also, i work so much i don't have the time to either.

So when i have spare time is when we work on obedience training.
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