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My GSD is crying even though we keep active.

To start I'm a first time GSD owner. I've had my dog since 6 weeks or so and is now a year old. Since May her, my 14 year old terrier(Tumble) (who still has just as much energy as Dovina (German Shepherd) and I go for 2.5-3.5 mile walks every morning after about an hour or 2 after eating. Dovina gers 2 cups in the morning and night and is at a healthy 70lbs. Anyway, after we go for our walks, we go and get a drink and Dovina still has a ton of energy. So we play Frisbee (which her running really fast and jumping for high catches), football, and just a bunch of running around in the yard. For about 20min. Usually she's tired and will take about an 1-2 hour nap then she's ready to play again.

Well the past two days we've gone for 2
3.6 mile walks, played in the yard as usual and she still ends up crying. Any time I turn my back to her to start working on my computer (free lance programmer, and graphics deisnger). And that's without her taking a nap when she starts crying.

Is there something I'm missing. Is she still wanting to play more. I take her to the dog park in the evening when I'm not having to work at my other job in the evenings that way she can play and rough house with the other dogs.

Any suggestions on why she's crying?

A side note. Some times she won't eat all of her food until after are morning walks and play. And she always eats all of her food at night. We feed her large breed science diet. Lamb and rice and chicken. We switch between bag purchases. The cup size is two measuring cups.
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