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Trainer isn't being fair to my GSD

Long story short, my dogs trainer is being unfair to my dog. We took our 3.5 month old GSD to group puppy training for the first time yesterday. Things were going fine and he was following commands with no issus unt il we go to off leash time. We took him off his leash and he was understandably curious of the other dogs. When he approached the dogs he would try and sniff and bark. There was absolutely NO growling, nipping, snapping, biting, fighting, etc. Just barking - nothing more. Granted he does have a deep voice and that can be intimidating, but other dogs in the class were barking without issue. As soon as our boy started barking this woman accused him of being aggressive and terrified of the other dogs. She blocked him off from the other dogs and refused to let him go near them.

The remainder of the class he was blocked off, and if he barked she got mad. What really bothered me was that the other dogs were allowed to bark. How hypocritical! At the end of class we stayed to talk to her. She told us our boy would always be aggressive and misbehaved because he is a German Shepherd. She said we could never take him into public with us, that he could never be off leash around other dogs, and that Maybe, after months of training, he could be handled on a leash. He is only 3.5 months old!! We already have him controlled on a leash. We walk him multiple times a day without issue. We take him into public and he is fine. He lets strangers approach and pet him. He is excellent with kids, cats, etc. He is fine with other dogs so long as he can approach and sniff them and become comfortable with them.

Is this woman unreasonable? We think this isn't Ok. We want to drop the class and ask for a refund, is that acceptable? We found a trainer who specializes in GSDs and police dog training that we are going to take. Him to.
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