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Originally Posted by Zeeva View Post
I've posted about this before (I think?) because it's a recurrent and pressing theme in our household. It's personal I know and I'm sorry...

My husband wants to have kids. We recently made a couple of big purchases (laminate in place of the carpet and a TRD Tacoma (Yosemite ATV time) so hopefully those will keep his mind off of it. But I'm vehemently against it. I'm terrified of a few things:

1) the shifting dynamics in terms of the pets. How will I make time for 8 fur babies? Will I have to rehome some (which for me is out of the question). But will my priorities change so much that rehoming will become a dreadful possibility? How will the dogs react: aggression? fear? submission? negatively?

2) Splitting up; wt* does a kid go through during that part of life? And the pets?

3)I had this dream a while back. That I had two kids; two boys. And in that dream I felt this compassion and love that I've never experienced before. It was so consuming that when I think about it, it makes me nauseous. Why would I want to feel like that for someone that may never make any kind of impact in this world?
Here's my two cents. Take it or leave it. Any amount of anxiety over this probably indicates that you are not ready.
Pets are always doable, it just depends on the pet how much work and effort is involved. I personally just sort of rolled with it. Kid and pets all survived, I did what I needed to do and never really gave it much thought.
Some kids really struggle with break ups, some don't. It depends on the child and the parents. But again if you are hesitating because of the possibility you need to examine that.
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