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It doesn't matter if they make an impact in this world but they will impact your world. The one thing I regret is not having more kids. I miss not having small kids around all the time My dogs and cats love having the kids around and they get excited when they are here. You can still do the stuff you do with your dogs, that can be your time away and daddy can take care of the baby Cats don't require as much time or work. I'm not married, but marriage is full of compromises and I think your husband has done his part as far as the animals go, so maybe it's something you can consider. I was a young mom(my son and I are 20 yrs apart) and I'm happy that I was a young mom. I didn't consider raising my son hard work and I did it alone. I would do if over in a heartbeat. Raising my son has been my biggest accomplishment.

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