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Default Pets and kids: so much to consider

I've posted about this before (I think?) because it's a recurrent and pressing theme in our household. It's personal I know and I'm sorry...

My husband wants to have kids. We recently made a couple of big purchases (laminate in place of the carpet and a TRD Tacoma (Yosemite ATV time) so hopefully those will keep his mind off of it. But I'm vehemently against it. I'm terrified of a few things:

1) the shifting dynamics in terms of the pets. How will I make time for 8 fur babies? Will I have to rehome some (which for me is out of the question). But will my priorities change so much that rehoming will become a dreadful possibility? How will the dogs react: aggression? fear? submission? negatively?

2) Splitting up; wt* does a kid go through during that part of life? And the pets?

3)I had this dream a while back. That I had two kids; two boys. And in that dream I felt this compassion and love that I've never experienced before. It was so consuming that when I think about it, it makes me nauseous. Why would I want to feel like that for someone that may never make any kind of impact in this world?
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