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Uh wow

Congrats on reaching out for help! This dog is unpredictable so your first step is to quit putting other people and dogs at risk!

A nobody got hurt..this time is "not" a good way to go!

I'd start here post 8:
New Dog, Very Challenging

Who Pets my Puppy or Dog is where I would start, I would add this:

He most definitely should be a "should not pet dog" until you can get work done with him!

And this:
Leerburg | Dealing with the Dominant Dog

Basic obedience is of course very important but you have problems way beyond that!

There is also this Dog DVD Rentals | Dog Training Dvd | Dog Dvds | Rent Dog Videos

It's a subscription service and you can rent the Don Sullivan DVD's there. Don't know what he does but I look his "attitude."
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