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Handler aggression

Hello all. I am hoping to get advice from someone familiar with this type of situation dealing with this type of dog. A little background story regarding my dog to show how much of a handful he can be. His grandfathers/uncles have competed in the highest levels of Schutzhund, some are working for police departments, and one is currently a prison dog down in the south.

At 9 months old, I got him neutered. When my vet was administering drugs to put him to sleep for the procedure, he would NOT go down. He gave him so many doses that wouldn't work, he actually resorted to having to use entirely different drugs, that are used for large zoo animals like lions. Not even an hour after this surgery, he was just making his way around my house like his normal self, as if nothing had happened. I actually had to crate him because I was concerned he'd over do himself.

Fast forward to today, and he's just turned two. Lovely dog, but I'm stumped on this problem I'm running into. He wears a prong collar, and if he gets out of line, or he doesn't do something I ask of him, I give him a firm pop with the prong collar. Firm enough, that most dogs would get the point. Not him, he'll just act like nothing happened, but when I went harder to gain his attention, he exploded.

He lunged up the end of the leash towards me, and I actually had to dodge out of the way, and he came at me again, and missed again. I managed to grab him by the neck and grab a hold of the leash with my other hand and contain him for a minute. Not even a minute after all of this, everything was fine. He was licking me and being his lovey dovey self like nothing happened. People have actually joked, that you could hit this dog over the head as hard as you could with a 2x4, then throw it and he'll still go run to grab it and bring it back to you. (Not that I EVER would, by the way, just a figure of speech.)

I don't wanna sweep this problem under the rug so to speak, but I'm "choosing my battles" if you will.

I know this sounds crazy, but I've heard of several cops owning dogs exactly like this. Just hoping someone here has had a similar experience.
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