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New to senior dogs - walking and sleep

I recently adopted a senior GSD, and it's really my first time dealing with an older dog myself.

I've been taking her on walks everyday. Right now what I'm doing is just going around the block though it is a pretty big block for this area (a little over a half mile). She starts out pretty well, but by the time we get around the block back to the house, she's slowed down a bit and it seems that she drags her back feet every so often (I hear a scraping noise kind of like if you were to drag your shoe while walking). She isn't limping, but I'm not sure if I'm pushing her too hard. I'm not sure how active she was with her previous family. When I took her to my vet, he said he didn't see too much arthritis from her x-rays, and her hips look good (though he does have me giving her glucosamine daily). Do I need to scale back on the walks or am I just being overprotective?

Also, how much sleep is normal for a senior dog?
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