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GSD Adolescence Behavior Examples

I have 4 month old GSD female. She's fairly submissive and quiet, and I've been working to control her drive to chase cats & pigeons, and mouth furniture & running children. She is crate-trained, stays there for a few hours in the daytime and sleeps there all night long. She is also more or less house-trained, and comes to me whining when she wants to get let out. She has learned the basic commands (sit, stay, down, come, no biting, no chasing, etc.) although not reliably performing with huge distractions (e.g. another dog walking by).

I have to admit, my patience is frayed from 2+ months of lack of proper sleep (first due to housetraining, then due to work).

I'm starting to dread "adolescence" from what I've read online.

How bad will it get? What are some specific behaviors of an adolescent GSD?
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