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Pup to Adult introductions?

My parents own a 7 year old maltese who is about 6 pounds and not very dog friendly. He sometimes will get used to another dog and leave them alone but usually he barks and growls at other dogs. I own a 3 month old german shepherd. I semi-introduced the two of them, both on leashes, the other day. My dog will bark back at the maltese but clearly wants to play. However, he is a puppy and already much bigger then the maltese so I cannot trust them off the leash together. The maltese continues to aggressively bark and growl at the puppy if he gets anywhere near him. Anyway, my question is- Is there anything we can do to get the two of them to eventually live in peace or is this a loss cause and I should always keep them apart? I would love to be able to keep them in the same house (always attended of course do to size difference) because we see them often.
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