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All about Ace

Decided to start this 1 thread as a journal/diary so i can look back later on and see how far i have come.

So this is all about Ace thread

Born March 12th 2014

5/21 : Ace came home with us.
5/22 : 1st Vet visit
5/23 : Ace moved to Scott's place 12 miles away cause he isnt allowed to stay with us due to breed restriction.
5/25 : Ace moved again to another place that is closer to mommy and daddy. Every morning we go to a park and chill there until i have to go work and i would pick him up again after work so we can spend more fun times and learn fun tricks.
5/29 : 1 ear go up !!
6/10 : Ear went back down
6/11 : we went to a dog park for the first time, and Ace wasnt too crazy about it ! We left after 10 minutes . The we went everywhere from a lake to Chipotle a Mexican restaurant.
6/20 : The storm is here Ace got diarrhea 2 days after we switched kibble to BB wilderness.
6/24 : Both ears are up in the morning but the diarrhea gotten worse in the evening .
6/25 : He was really sick so we went to the doctor.
6/26 : Finally the day i been waiting for ! We are moving out to a new place so that Ace can leave with us but got a call at 6 am that Ace mad a huge mess in his crate. So i went there ASAP to bath him and wash the crate then go back to start moving stuffs.. and it was a long day . At 7 pm we were done with the big stuff but still had a lot of stuff to do. First thing first, we picked up Ace and he was doing so much better. No more vomiting and nasty stuffs. Me and my fiancee were exhausted but glad that we finally get to our new place.

Ace Von Backyard 3/12/2014
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