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Originally Posted by pyratemom View Post
I cannot go into the bathroom without Raina worrying that I'm going down the drain or escaping out that nonexistent window. I have taken her into the bathroom to show her there is only one door but she still worries when I shut the door. I can hear her snuffling out side the door, just checking to see if I got lost. I love the way German Shepherds think, even if it means no privacy in the bathroom. She has no anxiety over any other room. I love the pictures.
Same here. He usually follows me and is on my tail even as I shut the door. I get that same look (as in the pic) as I'm shutting the door.
Sometimes he stands there and whines, walks away, then comes right back.

Snuffling is a perfect word for the noises I hear from him outside the door.

This bathroom is right by the stairs and you have to turn at the staircase to access it.
Several years ago I was heading towards the bathroom, Gunner right behind me. He was speeding to catch up to me and as I turned the corner he did as well.
His right leg slid outward on the laminate floors and all I heard was a scuffle (him trying to get his footing I guess). I came out and he was laying in the living room acting normal.
A little while later I heard him trying to get up and soon found he had severely injured his right leg. Several vet visits, xrays etc commenced.

It took a long time heal and he re-injured it a few times. It was almost a year before it was healed for good. All because he thinks something evil lives in that bathroom.

Right after that happened I went and bought several little throw rugs so that he wouldn't slide trying to escort me.

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