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Quiet Crating and Working

Ok I know there are 100 of these threads. I have tons of ideas to get puppy used to the crate right from go, between crate games, your in your out, working up to leaving her in the crate, to feeding in the crate, having treat bonuses in the crate and kongs....

When I bring my girl home I will have just under 3 weeks to work with her. I will be working on everything from obedience to potty training to socialization...Pretty much she will be with me 24/7 for that time.

But when I go back to work she will be crated for at least 8 hrs at a time with no potty breaks. By the time I go back to work she will be just 2 days shy of 12 weeks old. My biggest concern is not accidents, if she has an accident we will work it out.

I am worried about her being able to relax quietly in a crate. This is the one thing I have not mastered with either of my dogs. Avery came to me crate trained and didn't have issues until I lived in one specific apartment and that was remedied by moving and giving him more space. Lincoln my chi however is great in his crate while people are home. But the second I leave, and no one is home, bark bark bark bark...He can do it all night long.

Any suggestions? Especially about leaving her for the whole time I'm at work, should I give her more space because of this?
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