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The Temptation of a 2nd Dog

My GSD is 4 months old now. And while I read all the problems of littermate syndrome and realize the enormous time, sweat, and tears shed so far on just raising my GSD to this point will be multiplied with another puppy, I am sadistically tempted by a 2nd dog.

Namely, an English Creme Golden Retriever puppy that is currently 2 weeks old.

That would mean if I got the GR puppy at 8 weeks, my GSD would be 5.5 months old.

Is this always a REALLY BAD idea? Are there any advantages at all to getting a 2nd dog while the first dog is still 6 months old? Or is it almost always better to wait until my current dog is at least 1 year old?

Any experiences or input would be great.
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