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Gretchen gave you a lot of really great tips. I know when I was growing up, depending on how my life was going I had times when I got a little sad, but there was always something that came to help turn things around, or help me see past it. I have always been a strong person, always one that didn't want to have help, that wanted to do it on my own.

Last year was a very bad year. Any time that I started to get myself back on track again, something came along and slammed me down farther and farther each time. Personal and professional. It got to where I didn't want to do anything, where I was spending a lot of time staring at nothing and just feeling empty. Then what really scared me and finally got me to realize I simply couldn't beat it any longer were the thoughts about what I could do to hurt myself. Thoughts that just came up sporadically and I couldn't stop them.

I realized that I needed help and I needed something drastic to change in my life if I wanted to get better. I have no reason to feel depressed. I have wonderful parents, wonderful friends and even if my job is high stress, a truly wonderful job full of wonderful people. But it didn't matter. The thoughts were there. The tears and the way my mind was working was scaring me.

I went to my personal doctor, wanting to get his recommendation, telling him what I had started to try to do to help with getting myself on a better path. It is slow going and I discovered other things while we were working on getting the depression under control, but I am glad that I said something. I am okay with being on medication. I am so happy that I got Doyle.

Most days are good days. But some days are bad. You will know better than we would if talking with a doctor would be beneficial. Don't be afraid to go in even to get an opinion. There is help out there if you need it.
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