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Hello! I'm new to this forum but have checked it for advice in the past. I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with boarding their GSD puppies? We have an almost 8 month old, sweet male GSD who is crate trained and is in puppy training at Pet Smart once a week, however I just boarded him at Petsmart dog hotel and I almost left crying because they basically lectured me on how much nervous energy he has, and that they generally don't board many Shepherds. This would have been nice to know before I boarded him for the weekend! I was pretty upset. He has been boarded with no problem at all at our local animal hospital that has a yard they can run in. We have two young children and they also made me feel a bit bad for having a puppy who is still "mouthy" around them because "he may do damage when he is older since he is a large breed dog". We have a soft muzzle if needed for him and monitor him every minute he is around the kids. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this type of situation with their GSD puppy/dog? Thanks!
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