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How old before allowed to do these activities?


We just got a beautiful male GSD named Odin and i had a few questions about certain activities we wanted to do with him. He is 9 weeks old this Wednesday and is my little baby so i am fearful to do anything that will harm him this early in his life. He listens amazingly well for being so young and already learned to "sit" after having him for 3 days!!!!!

My questions are:

1. When can we allow him to go swimming? We live near many lakes and ponds and i would like to start bringing him swimming (if he likes it) to tire him out and provide physical activity. We also plan on buying a small plastic baby pool for him to swim in the back yard and cool off.

2. When can we begin putting a harness/backpack on him to carry things? I don't plan on making him carry anything yet because he is so young but i want to get him used to having a harness/backpack on as soon as possible. Also, when he is big enough we will probably make him carry a small load (water/food and maybe some toys) when walking around and hiking, etc. just to give him something to do (will also be cool if we can train him to bring items to us using his backpack).

I have tons of other questions but will try to keep this post brief. Glad to be part of the GSD club
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